The 2016 WMCSA Nominations

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Community Club of the Year

This award recognises a community sports club that provides a high quality sports environment for its members. The club will have achieved this through supporting coaches and volunteers and developing the infrastructure of the club in order to benefit members.

The criteria are:


  • A club providing a sport/sports recognised by Sport England.
  • Committed to raising standards and have achieved (or at least be working towards) Clubmark or an equivalent quality mark or affiliation.
  • Engaged with the local community.
  • Actively encouraging members to start, stay and succeed in sport.
  • Can demonstrate commitment to the development of the members of their club, including participants, coaches and volunteers.
  • Has built strong links with schools and other community organisations in order to engage with young people (if relevant i.e. the club has a junior section).
  • Developed an effective management structure.
  • Is committed to the long-term development of their club, for example, has put in place a club infrastructure which will sustain the club in the future, trying to ensure members can participate at good quality facilities etc.
  • Has widened access to their sport to include people who do not normally have the opportunity to take part / targeted work at engaging people from ‘hard to reach’ groups.
  • Special qualities that set them apart from others.
  • WOMEN’S BOXING CLUB (Birmingham)

Coach of the Year

Sponsored by Sport Structures


This award recognises the achievements of a paid or unpaid coach who has made a significant impact on those they have coached and is committed to providing more opportunities for people to start, stay and succeed in sport.


The criteria are:


  • Nominee is a qualified coach (paid or unpaid) who has made a significant contribution to others through their coaching.
  • Are coaching a sport recognised by Sport England.
  • Contribution of coach to encourage more people to start, stay or succeed in sport and physical activity.
  • Widening access to sport and physical activity through high quality coaching and innovative practices.
  • An inspiration and positive role model for participants and their peers.
  • Amount of time committed to coaching per week.
  • Be qualified and committed to continued professional development.
  • Has built strong relationships and links with clubs, schools and/or other community organisations.
  • Special qualities that set them apart from others.
  • ALAN BIRCHER (Ellesmere College Titans Swimming Club)
  • SALLY-ANN CHAMBERS (Midrange Netball Club, Tipton)
  • JOB KING (Coventry Wheelchair Racing Club)
  • JASON LOWE (Women’s Boxing Club, Birmingham)
  • DAVID RIGBY (Kidsgrove Cricket Club)
  • MARK STOWE (Worcester Swimming Club)

Community Project of the Year

Sponsored by Open College Network


This award recognises an innovative project which uses sport and physical activity to improve and enhance the quality of life of the people local communities. Examples of projects could include Sportivate projects or Community Games events.

The criteria are:


  • A project that has made a significant contribution to overcoming barriers in the participation of sport and physical activity.
  • Effectiveness at creating new opportunities for more people, particularly ‘hard to reach’ groups to start, stay or succeed in sport and physical activity.
  • Evidence of encouraging a community to lead more active and healthy lifestyles.
  • Evidence of how innovative ideas have been used to promote, develop or enhance participation in sport and physical activity.
  • Has built strong community relationships and links.
  • Dedication and commitment from those involved.
  • An inspiration and example of best practice for others.
  • Special qualities that set the project / team apart from others.
  • BE ACTIVE (Telford)
  • ENGAGE! (Coventry)
  • REAL GIRLS  (Cannock)
  • RUN FOR JOEL  (Black Country)
  • THE CORE SKATE  (Hereford)

Aspiring Talent

Sponsored by University of Birmingham Sport


This award recognises a young person (including disability athletes/players) who has progressed and excelled in his/her sport and is a positive role model to others.

The criteria are:


  • Nominee must be under 18 years of age on *date of CSP awards event*
  • A sports man or woman who has excelled in their chosen sport e.g. at regional, national or international level.
  • Progress against rankings and achievements made during the eligibility period (*enter CSP awards eligibility period*) must be given
  • Has demonstrated considerable commitment
  • Is an inspiration and positive role model to others
  • Has used his/her achievements and experiences to make a positive impact on their community and /or club
  • Special qualities that set them apart from others
  • JONATHAN LEKO (West Bromwich Albion)
  • GEORGINA MITCHELL (Modern Pentathlete from Warwick)
  • REBECCA REDFERN (Worcester Swimming Club)
  • BETHAN REES (Stafford Athletics Club)
  • ADAM SUMMERS (AKA Astons Kickboxing Academy, Telford)
  • BEN WHITTAKER (Wodensborough Boxing Club, Darlaston)

Power of Sport Award

This award recognises an individual whose life has significantly changed and improved through adopting a more active lifestyle.  Being new to an active lifestyle in the past 18 months, the individual will be have made significant improvements to their life as a direct result of taking part in their chosen sport or activity/activities and may have also made a positive impact on the lives of others’ around them.  Improvements can be in their physical health, mental wellbeing, personal improvement, social development or any combination.

The criteria are:


  • Open to individuals of any age
  • They should be active in *the relevant County Sports Partnership area*
  • Must be new to the sport or activity/activities within the last 18 months leading up to August 2016
  • Their participation in the activity must be sustained, or they must have gone on to participate in other activities
  • They have started to take further positive action as a result of the initial impact (e.g. making other positive lifestyle/social changes, seeking personal development opportunities or employment etc.)
  • The individual is an inspiration/role model for others
  • LIV BOUCHER (Run Like A Girl, Warwick)
  • DARREN FORD (Inclusively Fit project, Telford)
  • DANIELLA  (Stafford)
  • YOUSEF KHIARA (O’Dell’s Amateur Boxing Club, Birmingham)
  • AKIL MAYLOR (Rise Up Yoga, Wolverhampton)
  • IAN NASH (Redditch Boxing Club) 


BBC Midlands Sports Unsung Hero

This special award recognises an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to sport and physical activity over a number of years – a real unsung hero.

The criteria are:


    • An individual that has made an exceptional contribution to increasing participation in sport and physical activity
    • Achieving against the odds.
    • Gone above and beyond the call of duty.
    • A role model for others.
    • Involvement in sport and physical activity over a number of years.
    • Has special qualities that set them apart from others.
  • RICHARD BROUGH  (Handsworth Grammar School Old Boys Water Polo Club)
  • DAVID FINNEY    (Bridge Swimming Club, Redditch)
  • KEITH HARDY  (Wyrley Juniors FC)


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